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Rotary Club and SCUSP A member of the area Rotary Club has made contributions to the Unprivileged in various schools around the area. It's support is marked as a symbol of recognition and appreciation of the initiatives of the college to allow hope reach many. Click here




                                SCHOOL YEAR PROGRAMME



The school always opens with beginning of term exams for students, these exams help to keep the students in the same reading moods even when they in holidays at their omes.These exams are carried every beginning of the term and t hey run for around two weeks

In this very first term the school admits new entrants especially in senior one and senior five.

Counseling and guidance This is because of the new entrants from different schools and background

Midterm exams for all classes from senior one to senior six

Inter house competitions especially in sports (indoor, like football, netball, volleyball, for both boys and girls). Indoor chess, draft indoor guarantee scrsbles

MDD (music, Dance and Dramma) The houses include Catherine Gla dys Samuel and   Robert

Parent’s day is always on the visitation day of the students
End of term exams

We carryout three Staff meeting in a term to enable us meet the targets and schemes these are set at beginning, middle and towards the end of the term

Registration of candidates with UNEB/UACE for senior four and senior sixes respectively

Welcoming parts for senior one and five

St catherines college is a day and boarding senior secondary school with bioth O and A level . It is located in Makindye division and provides education to students from division and other ares



t starts with staff meeting, Beginning of term exams
Professional campaigns voting and swearing in
Candidates field work Sports both internal external visit
Seminars Visitation day
Midterm exams Mock  exams
End of term exams

Bull rosting for the houses that won the competitions



Beginning of term exams
Counseling, carrier guidance
UNEB exams for senior four and senior six
Midterm exams/end of term exams
Examinars facilitate the candidates

Doctrines it’s a circular school


With a mission to offer quality Education to all, the college also has adult education for disadvantaged adults. This initiative is aimed at eradicating illiteracy amongst our communities..


                              School Objectives

Our school Objectives stands but not limited to Read more


Click Here to see our acdemic year planner


                               School Departments

the school has got a number of depaertments through which it ensures quality and timely academic services to its pupils/students, each department is led by a competent member of staff, all departments inter communicate to ensure the same vision of the school among these we have; Read more