Support A Student


The college enrolls post primary students currently covering East African countries including Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan.


All Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) subjects are taught to Students from Ordianary Level (O-Level) to Advanced level (A-Level)







College Support to students

Uganda and the continent at large is faced with a wide scope of social, economic and political problems, as a result, young people are denied their right of easy access to basics of life; education, good nutrition, shelter, basic care, basic medication ... etc.

For that reason, St. Catherines Unprivileged Support Programme (SCUSP) was born. Headed by the Schools' director for student welfare, SCUSP has been at the front line in identifying, analyzing and extending support to disadvantaged students from all corners of East Africa and Southern Sudan.

Orphans, war displaced, the homeless and the poor among others are SCUSP's prime targets.

SCUSP Between 2003 - 2007, SCUSP registered 40% of the school population disadvantaged. With the low funds in reach of the school treasury, the college currently limits it's support to ordinary Level Students only.

In support for SCUSP, the college and Students generate revenue through organizing musical shows, community work out sourcing and sports.