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At St Catherines, we firmly believe that learning begins by giving all children a sense of who they are and where they belong in the world. We aim to encourage respect for other people's viewpoints and ways of life, allowing children to develop the ability to understand right and wrong and to work out appropriate ways of handling different situations This means that we not only seek to inspire children to the highest academic achievement, but that we also nurture their personal, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. As well as giving children a broad-based and full curriculum, therefore, we ensure that they have the chance to enjoy a wide range of activities and experiences that will enhance their learning and meet their broader needs..e


Our quality staff
Quality childcare is dependent on quality staff and we firmly believe in recruiting and training the very best. We are committed to fostering happy, skilled and loyal nursery teams in working environments where they can attain their full potential — ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of childcare provision. As a result, we've earned a reputation as one of the providers of high quality, progressive childcare and Education.

Our values
Everything we do for our children, parents and staff is guided by a deep commitment to our ethical, environmental and moral values:

Treating everyone with patience, consideration and courtesy and encouraging the same in return

Being enthusiastic and celebrating individual and team achievements.

Dedicating our energies to achieving excellence in everything we do Our vision is to "Create environments for the long term in which our children and people flourish.
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                               School Departments

the school has got a number of depaertments through which it ensures quality and timely academic services to its pupils/students, each department is led by a competent member of staff, all departments inter communicate to ensure the same vision of the school among these we have; Read more