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"We are in the transition of transforming St. Catherines College to a higher level in a number of ways aimed to forster academic performance. we are putting all our effoets on performance of our students, we ensure this through a number of ways, we make sure students attend classes regulary, handling welfare as key factor for students health and perormance, we have also introduced mobile mone payments systems where parents can deposit tution in instalments to avoid their children from being chased for school dues, as a director my role is to over see that all these setups are running as aimed to achieve our performance goal and OfferingQuality education that roduces responsible,God fearing, highly sought for and competitive innovative citizens"


"Build the nation through education but focus on the girl child and disadvantaged, identify and develop students' talents"










The school was founded by Mr. Susane Ddumba and Mr. Robert Kiberu Matembe in Febuary 1999. Ms Faridah Nabakiibi was the first headmistress for the school and the deputy was mr. DAVID  MIKASA
The school started with ordinary level only with 45 students during the first year with a teaching staff of 9 teachers. Late in 2003 A level section was also opened with 14 students

Currently the school has 476 students with 26 teaching staff and support staff of 10

St catherines college is a day and boarding senior secondary school with bioth O and A level . It is located in Makindye division and provides education to students from division and other ares


With a mission to offer quality Education to all, the college also has adult education for disadvantaged adults. This initiative is aimed at eradicating illiteracy amongst our communities..


                              School Objectives

Our school Objectives stands but not limited to Read more

                              School Programme

Our Curriculum is based on Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE). The college offers both Arts and Sciences and its entilled too but not limited fulfilling the Year/Temly Programme Read more


                               School Departments

the school has got a number of depaertments through which it ensures quality and timely academic services to its pupils/students, each department is led by a competent member of staff, all departments inter communicate to ensure the same vision of the school among these we have; Read more